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About Our Islamic Home Finance

Acquire the keys to your new home in an Islamically compliant manner with Hejaz Finance.

Buying a home is arguably one of the biggest and most exciting decisions you’ll ever make, especially if it’s your first.


Obtaining Islamic home finance isn’t as hard as you think – we take the stress out of planning, budgeting and paperwork so you can focus on the important finishing touches for your new home. A dedicated and experienced consultant tailors your Islamic home finance to your needs, and guides you at every step of your journey, providing advice, support, and solutions.

Find out how much you can finance

What are you looking to finance?

Achieve all your goals and aspirations; with the right kind of help, exactly when you need it.

New Home

We finance the purchase of New Homes at affordable rates. You can apply online and check your eligibility, repayments and much more. Fast Approval for your new home finance.

Established Home

Established dwellings can make great family homes. Best of all, we can finance their purchase. Apply online to begin the seamless finance process.

Land Purchase

Hejaz Finance offers home finance for land purchase so you can build your your dream home. Get the ball rolling today and apply online.

House & Land Purchases

Build to your standards, where and how you like. We’ll handle the finances while you pick the façade. Contact us today to assess your borrowing capacity.

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Features of Our Product

Maximum LVR 75%

Equity & Ijarah

Avoid double-stamp duty

Additional repayments

Finance up to $2,000,000

Title in your name from day one

48 hour pre-approval

Repay weekly, fortnightly, monthly

Home Finance - Eligibility

Employee (PAYG)

6-months minimum employment

Last 3 payslips

Latest statement of current liabilities

Latest tax return and notice of assessment

Proof of genuine savings (Deposit)

ID verification

Self-Employed / Sub-contractor

Last 2 years tax return

Latest statement of current liabilities

Proof of genuine savings (Deposit)

ID verification

Ticked all the boxes? You are now one step closer to your property dreams.

Frequently Ask Questions

There may be times when some customers make their payments late. As a finance provider, since we incur additional administrative costs to process late payments and to recover these costs, we charge our customers a dollar figure rather than a percentage figure.

Once the costs have been recovered, any additional amounts are donated to charity. Hejaz Finance does not profit from any extra income generated from these additional charges.

Our Sharia Supervisory Committee has agreed that this is acceptable.

With a Hejaz Finance fixed rate finance, simply making your repayments fortnightly instead of monthly not only saves you money but may reduce the term of your finance. You may be able to increase your repayments or make lump sum repayments (of up to $10,000 in any calendar month without cost) when you have extra cash which will reduce the rent you pay and ultimately reduce the term of your finance.

Yes. Under our agreement, you have the right to sell your property. You will just be required to pay the remaining acquisition cost balance to Hejaz Finance under the agreement.

If you are selling the property to a third party, you must ensure that the selling price is sufficient to pay Hejaz Finance the remainder of the acquisition cost.

No. To be eligible and apply for finance, you must be an existing Hejaz client. This can be done by joining our Islamic Superannuation Services. Once you are an existing client, if you can satisfy our responsible lending requirements you may apply for finance.

With Hejaz, our Sharia Advisers have strictly advised us against having variable repayments as this is a unilateral change by the lender and causes uncertainty (Gharar) in repayment. We therefore only offer fixed rate repayments. Our fixed rate periods range between 1 and 5 year blocks depending on the needs of the client, with a rolling fixed rate period thereafter.

Yes. You have access to an online portal wherein you can view your repayment history, current finance status, amounts payable and your profile.

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