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Who We Are?

A History Of Growth And Innovation

The Hejaz brand is Australia’s premier Islamic Financial Services provider. Since 2007, we have catered for the diverse financial needs of the Australian Muslim community. We strive to provide an ethical, Sharia compliant, and socially responsible alternative to conventional financial planning, finance, and investments.

As experts in Islamic Financial Services, we believe in building a better tomorrow through ethical financial services, resulting in prosperity to society, achieving spiritual enlightenment, and enhancing opportunities for future generations.

Why Islamic Finance?

Our Community Deserves Transparency

Being in the industry of Islamic Superannuation & Investments since 2007, we have met many beautiful people of our community who were committed not to obtain a loan from banks due to our beliefs and values. Being the most trusted Islamic financial services provider, we felt it was upon us to develop a product that was truly Islamic and unique to what the market offers.

By being the only Islamic Financial Services provider in Australia with Directors and Staff members highly qualified in Finance & Investments, we started to develop an Islamic Finance product from scratch. 2 years of development led us here. This is how Islamic finance should be.

Our Vision & Mission

The underlying objective behind establishing Hejaz Finance is to save every Muslim from that which is Islamically impermissible, and providing an Islamically permissible alternative without compromising the integrity of the product or service.

We will accomplish our vision by providing a comprehensive suite of Sharia compliant financial products and services to the Islamic community. This will be achieved by creating and distributing Islamic Financial Services which are best of breed and exceed industry standards.


Customers Empowered


Years of Islamic Finance Experience


Customer Service

Why join the Hejaz family

There are many reasons to join Australia’s largest conglomerate of Islamic Financial Services, here are just a few.


Australia’s leader in Islamic Financial Services, pioneering the offering of Sharia compliant financial services across Australia.

Sharia Compliance

World-Class Sharia Compliance, strictly adhering to approved Global Sharia Standards.


Partnering with industry leaders to achieve exceptional outcomes.

Finance & Investment Expertise

Hejaz has established itself with directors and employees all qualified in Finance and Investments. The only in Australia.


All-in-One Islamic Financial Services provider in Australia.


Once you are a part of the Hejaz family, you have the opportunity to take up our other services at a discounted rate. We call this, Family Rates.

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