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Why People Choose Us

For most Australian Muslims, owning a home has long been a dream, Hejaz Finance is now changing that dream into a reality for thousands of individuals and families across Australia.


World-Class Sharia Compliance

We adhere to the most stringent Sharia guidelines to ensure that our products maintain the highest level of Sharia Compliance


No Commisery

Unlike other brokers, we do not receive any commissions when we source funds in a Shariah-compliant manner.


Fixed Repayments

Unlike others, we only offer fixed repayments, giving you certainty and clarity, removing uncertainty (Gharar) in repayments.



We focus on being competitively priced, providing you with affordable Islamic Financing solutions.

Source of Funding

Source of Funding

Being a subsidiary of an Islamic Wealth Management Firm allows us to source funds from investment pools which are available to us.


Islamic Finance Pedigree

The Hejaz brand is the largest conglomerate of Islamic Financial services offered in Australia. Finance is in our DNA.

The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is that little ``extra``.

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